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SWISH is a video discovery app which generates personalised playlists of the internets best video & 360 video content.
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SWISH uses crowd curation & ML to select only the absolute pinnacle of video content.

In the past 5 years video consumption of mobile has increased x20 times. In the last 15 seconds of 1000 videos have been uploaded to YouTube.

Users have become completely inundated with content, yet worst is there is no correlation between either view-count or the video rating to the most compelling video content. The current marketplace is in desperate need of a more powerful tool to deal with this total chaos. Users are unknowingly suffering on alternative video platforms because they have not been exposed to a better way.

We are building the technology to create a video experience like no other and realise our vision of empowering the world to help create the greatest video library ever assembled.

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James Dyer
CryptoCurrency & Blockchain Evangelist | Product Lead & Co-founder @ AYSHA | React & React Native | UX/UI Design | 1st Class UCL
Ilan Hazan
Studies in Business Administration, Web Development Immersive course at General Assembly and Front-End Engineer at Property Partner.

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