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The Platform for Distributed Applications

Swirlds Inc. is a startup founded on ground-breaking algorithms and mathematical ideas. The future of the internet and our global financial systems will be based on these ideas. The Swirlds hashgraph distributed consensus algorithm provides both better performance and better security than any other consensus algorithm in the market. Read More
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What We're Building

The Swirlds software development platform goes beyond blockchain and traditional DLT, providing capabilities not previously possible, to build and run shared worlds—fully distributed applications that harness the power of the cloud without central servers. Now users can develop applications with fair decision making, speed, trust and reliability, at a fraction of the cost of traditional server-based platforms.

Developers want to create trusted, distributed applications that are not controlled by any single organization, for uses such as distributed identity directories, online auctions, stock markets, cryptocurrencies, and multiplayer games. Using the power of Java, developers build smart contracts and can go beyond to build entire shared worlds. This is the first time these concepts have been brought together on a single platform.

Swirlds broadens the range of applications that can be decentralized, providing a platform for building the trust layer of the Internet

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Jobs at Swirlds

Swirlds Team

Mance Harmon
Founder CEO @Swirlds. Worked at @Ping Identity, @Symbol Technologies. Background in Machine Learning, CyberSecurity, Blockchain, Identity. MS / CompSci - UMass

Swirlds Investors

Xueshi Yang
CEO and Founder of Shannon Systems, acquired by Silicon Motion (NASDAQ:SIMO) in 2015. Entrepreneur and angel investor.
Brad Liebmann
Tech entrepreneur. Founder of Simply Business (sold 2017 to Travelers Corp of US for £400 million)

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