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New York City · Full Time
SVRF is the first search and discovery engine for immersive content for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. SVRF will help educate and expose consumers to the immersive industries by making all immersive content easily accessible and searchable. SVRF defines immersive content as: 360, stereoscopic, and 3D photos and videos, as well as 3D environments, objects and experiences. Read More
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Job Description

At SVRF, we’re making immersive experiences discoverable anywhere through our apps and API partners. We’re looking for a Lead Architect to join SVRF! If you love building technically challenging products and want to be a technical leader for a growing engineering team then you’ll be a great fit for our team!

In this role, you will work with data pipelines that deliver video, photo, and 3D media files to a wide range of clients including: mobile, desktop, and HMD. As a Lead Architect, you will be responsible for setting software architecture and design best-practices for the team, and building efficient, performant, and scalable solutions. You will set a challenging learning curve for yourself and the rest of the engineering team. You will be a technical leader at SVRF, where the team will seek your guidance on best practices and how to become phenomenal engineers.

As a member of the SVRF team, you will work alongside a small cross-functional team that will challenge you to grow, and encourage you to provide creative input and make key decisions.

Technologies we use: JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Objective C, Node.js, Express, Angular, AngularJS, Three.js, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, NGINX, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes.


- Architect and build efficient, performant, and scalable solutions.
- Be a technical leader that others seek out for guidance.
- Commitment to quality and attention to detail.
- Lead and evaluate the technical tradeoffs of every decision.
- Thoroughly communicate with and review the technical work of the engineering team.
- Growth mindset and a desire to learn, teach, and improve skills across the team.

What we’re looking for:

- B.S. or higher in Computer Science or related discipline (or equivalent experience).
- 6+ years of professional software development experience preferred.
- Experience architecting software solutions at scale.
- Expertise in JavaScript.
- Proven technical leadership skills in a team environment.
- Experience with data pipelines and working with large files (video, photo, and 3D preferred).

This is a full-time, salaried position that includes awesome health benefits and open, paid vacation. We also offer equity in the company and awesome perks.

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What We're Building

SVRF is the first search engine for immersive content.

SVRF makes all immersive content searchable, shareable, & accessible everywhere.

To read more about our work with AR, read here:

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