Sreesha Vaman

8+ yrs in bus. dev. / strategy in fashion, capital markets, sports, casino gaming.
Co-founder of @Sari Closet, ex-Lehman Bros VP-3., @UCLA Anderson MBA, @NYU B.S.

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What I Do

Professional passion for growing brands into new markets, esp sports, entertainment, capital markets, and fashion brands. Achieved success by:

* Developing business and brand strategy

* Establishing relationships with key business partners

* Executing vision through strategic sales and marketing


Co-Founder, Sari Closet
Online nationwide rental service for saris (formal South Asian women's apparel).

* Co-founded business from conception to launch, with primary responsibility for developing brand ethos and brand management strategy.

* Increased awareness, web site traffic, engagement with customers, and ultimately sales, through all potential marketing platforms including new media, digital media, social media, and off-line / events.

* Developed and implemented integrated marketing strategy for our key platforms: search engine optimization (SEO) Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Yelp, eBay platforms.

* Manage and lead all business development initiatives with key clients, press, influential bloggers, and advertising partners.

* Developed and implemented strategy plan for launching Sari Closet Canada, including acquiring inventory, launching brand and marketing initiatives, and formalizing logistics processes and legal

What I'm Looking For

Opportunity to grow a brand into new markets, especially a brand that altruistically resonates with me.

Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Sales, or Portfolio Manager Role

Pref. Fashion, Sports, Entertainment, or Capital Markets industries.