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The easiest way to manage your customer support emails

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What We're Building

SupportBee is the easiest way for companies to manage their customer support emails. While staying close to an email like experience, SupportBee gives them the tools needed to effortlessly collaborate with their entire team on support tickets.

We truly believe in the idea of collaborative customer support and all our plans offer unlimited logins. We are bootstrapped, profitable and hungry for growth!

I started my career as a developer and I am enjoying my transition from being a passionate developer to an effective CEO. From being an individual contributor to being a team player!
I like working with distributed teams. Its an incredible learning experience to work with folks from varying backgrounds. I'm enjoying changing from someone who likes writing Ruby to someone who likes shipping fast and likes building better user experiences.
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SupportBee Team

Pranav Singh
Full Stack Developer / Product Designer - @SupportBee. Previous: Built and launched @Bizongo an E-commerce platform built on Ruby on Rails.
Josue Montano
Love to work on new stuff, and making existing stuff better.
Nisanth Chunduru
Backend & Infrastructure Lead at @SupportBee. Occasional Traveller. BITSian from Goa

SupportBee Investors

Christopher Zobrist
Worked at @John Von Neuman Institute • Investor @SupportBee • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @University of California, Davis
Prasanna K
Founder Upekkha Accelerator. B2B SaaS product & growth coach. 2x B2B startups. exCTO @Microsoft Accelerator
Vardhan Varma
Freelancer ; Software Anything ; WILL build your first product;

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