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Designing the next generation of wireless power. [YC S15]

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What We're Building

Supply is a YC startup that's rethinking how power is used, distributed, and accessed. We believe:

• People care about using their devices, not charging them
• Modern wireless connectivity can empower more than just communications
• Delightful experiences, even when seamless and invisible, are worth the obsession

Electricity is a growing necessity in the world and we believe that wireless power will be the catalyst for the advancement of people and their innovations.

Our highly-focused engineering and design team is growing steadily, but intently. Reach out if you're interested.

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Supply Team

Chris Davlantes
Dual BS. Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from MIT. Hacker since age 10. Focus on power electronics and energy transfer. I also climb, hike, and play folk.
Gustavo Navarro
Recent PhD in Mathematics, with expertise in Fluid Dynamics, Differential Equations, Numerical simulations, Stochastic Calculus, and Data Analysis with Python.

Supply Investors

David Mandel
Serial Entrepreneur, built and exited 3 large Insurance/ Finance businesses over 25 years. Investing and advising startups.
Jeremy Hinman
Investor in @Decorati.
Mike Dussault
SpaceX currently, Valve for 10 yrs, co-created hit Morfo app, director of dev for Lithtech engine (shipped in 60+ gaming titles).
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