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Powering the under-13 Internet

1. Our team has a serious track record. We've build companies like DemonWare, Jolt Online, Swapit and played key roles in others.
2. We're number one in the industry with a global land-grab opportunity. This is an incredibly rare opportunity.
3. We operate in a tough space which has lot of interesting problems to solve.
4. We've got traction, revenue and a lot of clients. Oh and an ecosystem of 168M kids each month.
5. Join now and you get to shape the company. For real.

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What We're Building

Our company's technology powers the u13/kids digital ecosystem and is used by hundreds of companies including LEGO, Hasbro, Disney, Cartoon Network etc.

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Dylan Collins
CEO @SuperAwesome | Chairman @Potato | VC @Hoxton Ventures | Board @BrownBagFilms | Founder Jolt (acq GameStop) + DemonWare (acq Activision Blizzard)
Tom Impallomeni
CEO @Virtually Live. Director & Founder @GoSuperAwesome. Advisor - FireTechCamp & NomNom. Startup guy with broad experience (CEO, COO, CFO).
Lee Veitch
VP Sales at SuperAwesome. Worked at Swapit, Capita and Future Publishing. Strong advertising and media background.
Marina Kenny
Co-Founder SuperAwesome • Worked at @Fight My Monster, @Edelman. Online video/Digital strategy specialist background in film production/writing
Joshua Wöhle
A product & team leader with a developer background, Co-Founder & CPO @SuperAwesome
Maximilian Bleyleben
COO at SuperAwesome
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Our Investors

James Fairclough
Angel Investor in disruptive consumer focused businesses
Arya H. Bolurfrushan
Investor. CEO of @Bolurfrushan International Group. GM & CFO of @RAK Petroleum. Ex- @Goldman Sachs. Harvard MBA. Global Shaper @ WEF. @CMU Masters in Info.Sys.
Dylan Collins
CEO @SuperAwesome | Chairman @Potato | VC @Hoxton Ventures | Board @BrownBagFilms | Founder Jolt (acq GameStop) + DemonWare (acq Activision Blizzard)
Paul Kenny
Founding Partner @Emerge Ventures Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Top 10 Entrepreneurs in MENA
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