Sumon Sadhu

Investor/Advisor @URX @Benchling @Zesty @Hype! etc. Started @Quid, pioneered the application of network theory to unstructured data for deriving intelligence. Clients include the world's largest corporations and governments. YC, Oxford & Imperial A

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Team Member
What I Do

I've helped companies raise money (Seed, A, and onwards) by constructing pitches that excite investors, help founders hone in on valuable proxy markets, hire early team members by designing culture, and focus in on true product value. I also know how to sell to the enterprise, operate and compete

What I'm Looking For

Ideas most investors don't get because they are too visionary, or in valuable proxy markets that are ignored by the herd or large proxy markets by spend that are non traditional.

I like individuals who have irrationally large ambition, are achievers, hate convention and feel hugely unproven.