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Job Description is used by over 160,000 websites daily, reaching over 65,000,000+ people. Every month, 1 in 7 people in the world visit a site that uses Sumo!

- Analyze and understand past data and share findings with the team
- Design, build, optimize, and support systems for storing, aggregating, and analyzing large amounts of data
- Assist with rollouts by monitoring KPIs and communicating with the Product Owner and Lead Engineers
- Study and recognize trends in data by improving and maintaining pipeline infrastructure
- Help steer strategy of the firm through the aggregation and distribution of data insights
- Identify and understand key metrics pertaining to demographics of our clients

Minimum Qualifications:
- Experience with MySQL or PostgreSQL
- Experience with Redis
- Experience with Elasticsearch
- Experience with RedShift
- Experience scripting and development

Preferred Qualifications:
- Experience with Kinesis or Kafka
- Experience with Google analytics
- Experience with Business Intelligence Suites
- Experience with Hadoop
- Experience with Dynamodb
- Experience with NoSQL
- Experience with Cassandra
- Experience with R
- Development experience in Node.js

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What is your office environment like?
Have you ever seen that movie Boiler Room? We recreated that exactly! Psych =) We created an office environment that we would WANT to go to every day. That includes a custom bar, secret door, ping pong table, video game area and oh yea, places that people actually get some work done. There's a Sonos generally playing some rap music or Taylor Swift. You can fight for controls with Anton. People show up around 10am and leave between 6-7pm. Most people work from home one or two days a week depending on what's going on. Free snacks, food and all the benefits most great companies do. We ultimately made the place somewhere we are creating something magical for the Earth.
Noah Kagan
Board Member at
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
We are hiring 15 people over the next year.
Noah Kagan
Board Member at Investors

Andrew Chen
General Partner @Andreessen Horowitz. Prev: Growth @Uber, occasional writer. @AngelList investor, @Dropbox advisor