Sufian Hassan

Self taught in web design, development and marketing.

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What I Do

Since my early teen years I have had a spark of curiosity to try lots of things and along the way I have learnt a lot of things. If it needs to get done I will learn how to do it and get it done.


I have:
- Built my first computer age 13-14
- Built my first website age 14
- Created my first script age 15
- Mastered HTML/CSS
- Started first company age 16
- Started a freelance photography business age 17
- Raised £2002 for charity (in 7/8 weeks). (Current Record Holder: MaxTheCash) age 17
- Sponsored to visit Mozilla Drumbeat festival 2010 in Barcelona, Spain age 17
- Hosted my very first exhibition stand at UK's biggest consumer electronic show: The Gadget Show Live 2012 age 18
- Won "Smarta 100" 2011 Award! age 18
- First Acting Gig (BBC Short Film) age 18
- Mastered PHP & jQuery age 19
- Work for a cool company and fly to San Francisco, USA every other month age 20
- Learn Python age 20
- Metric Driven Development age 20
- Optimisations age 20

Mobile Development

What's my next challenge you say?
- Skydive for charity.


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