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Student Opportunity Center (S.O.C.)

Sales & Marketing Associate at Student Opportunity Center (S.O.C.)

Washington DC, Arlington, Alexandria · Full Time
We're a tight-nit, scrappy startup that's tripling in size each year, and have bootstrapped ourselves to 65 university clients in < 2 years. Read More
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Job Description

We are looking for a talented team member to join our Sales team. The position is a key new addition to our Sales team, responsible with lead generation, demo scheduling, and demo presentations, and closing deals.

S.O.C. provides a SaaS platform for Universities to centralize their real-world learning activities (internships, co-ops, volunteering, etc) . This role will be building and executing sale funnel from prospecting to closing annual contracts. Responsibilities include:

-Working with the executive team to strategize short and long-term goals
-Benchmarking progress on these goals
-Lead prospecting & generation
-Conducting 15-30 minute discovery calls
-Conducting 30-60 minute virtual product demos
-Contract & service-package negotiation and upselling
-Creating and leading sales and business development initiatives

Salary + Commission + Equity (stock) +Bonus compensation Negotiable.


S.O.C. is a fast-growing startup in the higher education space, with 81 university clients within 2 years of launching.

As such, the most important thing we are looking for in this key role is the ability to successfully help formulate, execute, and iterate on a sales and marketing plan. Though a few years of Higher Ed SaaS Sales is preferred, no specific experience or background is required so long as this person is talented, hardworking, is passionate about building a business as well as our mission, and is up to the task of playing a crucial role in the company.

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What We're Building

SOC provides a SaaS platform for universities to connect more students to real-world ("experiential") learning opportunities like internships, volunteering, and research projects. Students find everything in one place, opportunities are integrated into the curriculum, and administrators track/analyze student learning outcomes. Employers collaborate with universities to design experiences that result in direct-to-career pathways. Our mission is for every student to participate in experiential learning so they are ready for a great career and life after graduation. Within 2.5 years of launch, we've grown to over 100 College/University clients around the country.

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Student Opportunity Center (S.O.C.) Team

Ujjwala Kashkari
Startup fanatic with a passion in technology and media. Sales whiz. Proud Virginia Tech alumni and Mumbai native who loves everything DC!
Saweel Ahmed
George Mason University, Computer Science Degree, 1 year software experience at a startup, self taught rails developer
Christian Petretich
Senior Customer Support Exec with a 20+ year track record of providing world class customer service possessing breadth of technology and entrepreneurial exp.
Annie Erling Gofus
Storyteller | Explorer | Historian by Education | Passionate about Creative Writing | 2016 Chili Champion
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