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Machine Learning Engineer at Structurely

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Structurely is solving real estate agent's #1 problem - following up with their leads. Real estate agents from across 42 states are hiring our artificial intelligent Inside Sales Agent (ISA) to instantly communicate with and qualify their online leads using relevant market and property and market data across any messaging medium. Read More
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Job Description

Structurely is structuring the real estate industry's unstructured data to help Realtors solve their biggest problem, following up with and converting leads.

We're managing millions of data points across various models to create Holmes, our artificial intelligence Inside Sales Agent (ISA). Realtors hire Holmes to instantly respond, communicate and convert their online leads over any messaging source.

A typical week as a Machine Learning Engineer @ Structurely:
- Explore, visualize and standardize proprietary and highly annotated datasets
- Setup analytical applications to measure accuracy and performance of ML models
- Develop custom intent classification, entity extraction and data standardization models
- Explore accuracy and performance of various model architecture and techniques, including neural networks, conditional random fields, gradient boosting and more, across multiple development environments
- Explore user engagement throughout conversational funnel using A/B testing to measure and optimize engagement rates

- Deep understanding of statistics, probability and/or machine learning
- Professional or academic background in mathematics, statistics or computer science
- Experience with medium to large data pipelines
- Experience with implementing, testing and deployment
- Experience with Git workflows
- In-depth familiarity with Python
- Familiar with Java or R
- Experience with Scala is a plus!
- Familiarity with AWS tools, including S3, DynamoDB
- Familiarity with MongoDB and PostGres
- Enjoys working within a small team of engineers and data scientists

You'll be a successful Structurely member if you:

- Enjoy contributing to open source technology, blogging and speaking at technical events
- Appreciate a position that can make a lasting impact on a company's culture
- Collaborate and appreciate learning with and about others.
- Strive towards measurable success

We are a young energetic team who strives to succeed through collaboration and innovation.

We welcome people from every perspective, background and ability, outside perspectives is a vital principal to solving difficult problems.

Our stack is modern and maintained -- ReactJS, React Native, GraphQL, Python PyTorch, MongoDB, PostGres, DynamoDB, R.

We love to learn, and our stack will reflect that. We are continuously optimizing and refactoring, which is a generally open process to new and cutting edge tech and languages.

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What We're Building

Realtors struggle with following up their leads, in fact, nearly 50% of all online leads never receive a response to their inquiry. Structurely's artificial intelligence Inside Sales Agent (ISA) instantly qualifies, communicates and converts your online leads using the relevant market and property data straight from the MLS leads want to know.

Structurely's Holmes ISA gives Realtors the piece of mind their leads are instantly responded to and followed up with.

Download our mobile apps for iOS and Android, or login to your Holmes Dashboard, to manage Holmes, just as it was a real employee on your team.

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