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We're excited about syndicating because we have more interest by investors than room in the fund. As a team, we're individual investors in the early stages of Uber, Salesforce, Tesla, facebook, Google and many more huge wins. We invest in companies that focus on under-utilized assets and excess capacity - think "Uber of, or, AirBnB of". We also invest in people marketplace where individuals have extra time or interests and want to earn money putting that to work in a marketplace. We're quite active. We invested in 60 companies in the last 13 months. We often invest alongside top seed and series A funds but don't need to -- we're confident in our decision making. Thanks for having a look!

We'll syndicate most deals. Some may not have the room for us to syndicate or they may not seem like a great fit for syndication (perhaps a stealth deal, as an example).
Jacob Shea
Partner at @structure-capital
Mike Walsh
General Partner, Structure. investors in Uber, SurfAir, Boatbound, Pogoseat, Breather, +100 more. founded and sold companies. Under-utilized assets & capacity.
Jillian Manus
Founder Structure Capital .Seed capital focused on under-utilized assets excess capacity Broad Strategy , VPVC, Credit Suiss, Upside Magazine Manus Media
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Acquired in 2019
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Acquired in 2017
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Seth Goldstein
Founder. CEO. Angel. VC. LP. Coach @flatiron-partners @majestic-research @delicious @appjet @gumroad @betaworks @sitespecific
Jason Calacanis
Investor in 150 startups, including & Thumbtack (first rounds).
Sean Park
Investor, entrepreneur, thinker. Dad, husband. Skier.
Vasu Kulkarni
Founder / CEO of @krossover , Managing Partner @courtside-ventures
Bong Koh
Partner at KohFounders. Previous experience includes Advanced Technology Ventures, Mucker, McKinsey, Salomon Smith Barney and Organic (IPO).
Sundeep Ahuja
I've led 90+ Syndicates incl @mosaic @good-eggs @sandboxvr @starcity @notable-labs @livelyhsa; 3x Founder; Author; BS CS Stanford.
Steve Garfield
Social Media Traveler / Writer / Photographer / Founder: Boston Media Makers / Videoblogging Pioneer / Investor / Humorist /
Richard D. Titus
Fellow @cdl-2 Founder @razorfish (LA @schematic @prompt-ly +10. Worked @samsung-electronics, @bbc @videoplaza Early cohort @foundry-group
Jacob understands product, marketing, social and brings a fantastic enthusiasm to help in any way. After investing he even introduced us in to many more friends who ended up joining the round on his referral. He wants to help in any way and is always open to advising or just meeting up for an...more
Reuben Katz
Founder of a company Jacob Shea invested in
Great thought leader
Yuri Rabinovich
For Jacob Shea's work at Monthly Ventures
Not only is Mike just a fantastic guy all around, he's always looking to find ways to help out. He's super connected, has great ideas and is plugged in. We're grateful to have him on as an advisor with 15Five.
David Hassell
Founder of a company Mike Walsh advised
Mike was one of the quickest decisions during our round, and he has worked with us actively and promoted us since the beginning. Absolutely a top guy, A++ would work with again.
Mike's a huge asset to any team. He isn't afraid to get in the trenches and anytime you need anything, he springs into action. Let's just say that Angel List should rip off the old "be like Mike" campaign from Gatorade to promote Mike.
As one of our earliest investors at Surf Air, Mike's proven himself to be an incredible asset. He's served as a great source of well-founded wisdom and has provided incredible connections throughout the startup community. I wouldn't hesitate to jump at a chance to work with Mike on...more
Mike is an astute and cogent investor who can get to the fundamentals of a business model swiftly. With our disruptive approach, he readily understood the dynamics of the space, and wasn't dissuaded by decades of old conventions. A venture investor who sees the future.
Mike is a great investor to work with. He immediately understood our business and vision, was decisive in his investment, and was one of our key anchors as we filled the round.
Henry Ward
Founder of a company Mike Walsh invested in
Mike's one of the hardest-working investors we have! He's made numerous intros to other investors for us and is available anytime we need him. Any startup would be lucky to have him.
Mike is insightful, curious, kind, compassionate and one of the smartest people I've ever met. So excited that he invested in appLOUD and look forward to his involvement in our growth and success.
Every comment made here about Mike rings true.
He's one of the most genuine Angels / Startup Mentors in the Valley, having learned first hand what it takes to build a business, raise and exit.
To my mind, one of the top .5% of Investors with street cred and authenticity, so rare in the...more
With his wealth of experience and success, Mike's advice makes a huge impact on KindHealth.
Albert Pomales
For Mike Walsh's work with KindHealth
Mike and Stucture have invested in a lot of real estate startups such as Breather and PeerSpace. I see great synergies with Outsite!
Emmanuel Guisset
For Mike Walsh's investment at Outsite
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