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We started with building the simplest API for accepting credit cards. Read More

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> Type things to make the programs go.

A core part of our engineering culture is inclusiveness: we want to accommodate people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We believe in end-to-end ownership of projects. For any given project, we have one person on point. While they don’t necessarily have to do all the work themselves, it’s their job to make sure all the work gets done.

We launch betas and prototypes as early as we can. (The first version of Stripe, for example, had a beta user as soon as we could charge a credit card–even before we could pay out those charges!) This helps ensure that we’re building what users actually want.

We contribute back to the community, often by building things we think are cool and by releasing open-source software.

## Teams at Stripe

Teams at Stripe are relatively fluid. Some people stay on a given team for a handful of months, while others seem to prefer sticking to their team permanently. Once you join, we’ll work with you to choose a team to get started with—it’s all pretty flexible.

## You should include these in your application:

- Links to online profiles you use (GitHub, Twitter, etc).
- A description of your work history (whether as a resume, LinkedIn profile, or in the form of a cover letter).

If there are teams you’d be particularly interested in working on, please let us know (and tell us why!). This way we can have you interview with the people you’ll likely work best with. This won’t bind you to a specific team—we can figure that out together as the we learn more about your interests and strengths.

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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

How many people are you hiring in the next year?
Dani Riggs
Employee at Stripe
What is your office environment like?
Stripe has tried to make a laid back, but motivating environment. We are going for a sort of intellectual/collegiate/science-y vibe with lots of books, whiteboards, displays and screens to interact with our colleagues around the world.
Dani Riggs
Employee at Stripe
What makes Stripe a unique place to work at?
The problems we're tackling are unique! Also, often technical, and always tough. So it helps a lot if the people at Stripe are both your teammates and your friends. We spend a lot of time together -- whether that's having a conversation over lunch, working some long days before a product launch, hosting a Game of Thrones viewing party, or running/cycling/climbing together.
Dani Riggs
Employee at Stripe