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Frontend Engineer at Stripe

San Francisco · Full Time
We started with building the simplest API for accepting credit cards. Read More
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> Build the interfaces that connect people with Stripe.

Stripe is more than just an API—we’re building a platform that enables businesses to reach their customers wherever they are in the world, and in whatever language, currency, and payment method they prefer.

UI is essential to achieving this vision. We build interfaces that are simple and delightful, and we love to sweat the details. Our frontend team is looking for engineers to accelerate our work on Stripe Checkout, the Stripe Dashboard, and products yet to be announced. We work closely with a world-class team of designers, and we value breadth—so you’re welcome to write as much backend code as you’d like.

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Stripe Team

Patrick Collison
Cofounder of @Stripe. Previously: MIT, Auctomatic, reverse engineering iPhone apps, reading books.
John Collison
Co-founder at @Stripe
Aditya Mukerjee
Current: @Stripe . Previous: Cofounder of @BoardRounds. Formerly at @Recurse Center . @Quotidian Ventures, @Foursquare, @OkCupid.
Cristina Cordova
Business Development/Partnerships at @Stripe. Previously led BD at @Pulse and worked at @Google & @Tapulous. BA from @Stanford University
Justin Overdorff
Currently BD @ Stripe. Former Director of BD @Yelp, @Techstars & Late-Stage VC investor @ Summit Partners. Focused on mobile & complex products.
Noah Pepper
Now: Product + Engineer Manager @Stripe Formerly: Twitter Dashboard, Twitter Analytics, Ads Analytics @Twitter, CEO @Lucky Sort (Acq. 2013). Always: curious.
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

How many people are you hiring in the next year?
Dani Riggs
Employee at Stripe
What is your office environment like?
Stripe has tried to make a laid back, but motivating environment. We are going for a sort of intellectual/collegiate/science-y vibe with lots of books, whiteboards, displays and screens to interact with our colleagues around the world.
Dani Riggs
Employee at Stripe
What makes Stripe a unique place to work at?
The problems we're tackling are unique! Also, often technical, and always tough. So it helps a lot if the people at Stripe are both your teammates and your friends. We spend a lot of time together -- whether that's having a conversation over lunch, working some long days before a product launch, hosting a Game of Thrones viewing party, or running/cycling/climbing together.
Dani Riggs
Employee at Stripe