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Job Description built a platform to connect people to their past. Now the founder of Ancestry and his original lead engineer are building a platform to connect users to their best possible future, with recommendations designed to help them play to their strengths at work and in life.

Soar is building a social platform. By deeply understanding user strengths (using the popular StrengthsFinder assessment) and by sourcing data from millions of other users, our personalized recommendation engine helps customers achieve real life goals, team up with the right people, join the right groups, learn the right skills, and master the best tools.

We need a mission-driven Front-End Developer, who is UX and UI design fluent, fast and reliable, highly collaborative and positive, to help us iterate and test new features as we achieve traction with customers and enter our hypergrowth phase.

Previous experience with social platforms and mobile app design and development is a plus.

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What We're Building

Soar is building an online community that helps people discover and develop their talents to maximize their potential at work and in life. Our AI-powered recommendation engine personalizes advice to each person based on their natural strengths and the roles they play.

We have partnered with Gallup, the developer of the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment which has had nearly 20 million customers. Our platform connects individuals to coaches and consultants who help individuals and organizations of any size to become strengths-based. Our software helps individuals and teams use their strengths every day.

Strengths-based organizations have higher engagement, productivity, and profitability. Companies like Stryker, Rackspace, and Facebook have strengths-based cultures. Hundreds of colleges and universities introduce students (nearly 700,000 annually) to their strengths. Soar provides a platform for ongoing strengths development and application.

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Soar Team

Paul Allen
CEO of Soar. Previously founded, @Familylink and other companies. Gallup StrengthsFinder Evangelist (2012-17)
Matthew Cullinane
Soar Co-Founder Former American Diplomat Ginnie Mae Investment Banking Portfolio Co-Manager - Mortgage-Backed Securities Fund International MBA
Valerie Morignat
Chief Innovation Officer | PhD | AI-First Strategist & Design Expert | Keynote Speaker
Richard Stauffer
Original Architect for . Senior developer for @MyHeritage and @Gallup Organization . Graduated from BYU.

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