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Streamoid Technologies

Fashion Associate at Streamoid Technologies

Bengaluru · Internship
Our core competency is Visual Artificial Intelligence. We are involved in exciting and cutting edge research in the space and are pushing boundaries in fashion AI. Read More
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Job Description

Fashion Design/Styling – Interns
Streamoid Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Industry: Fashion Based Information Technology
Employment Type: Part Time/ Full Time
Location: Bangalore

Education: Students/ Graduates from a reputed fashion college pursuing fashion design or fashion styling.

Job Description:

Streamoid is building a fashion superintelligence™ platform to provide artificial intelligence to fashion companies. We want to transform how people in the fashion industry work.

Therefore this role will not involve conventional methods of designing or styling, but would involve digital style curation and research on fashion and styling. Kindly go through our website to get a better understanding of what we do.

This role requires a thorough knowledge of fashion, styling skills applied for both women and men in Western and Ethnic wear. You will need to be up to date with fashion trends and brands from across the world. Having a basic knowledge of fabrics would be a bonus.

The candidate should have a passion for fashion, a keenness to learn and research various fashion related topics. Research would be comprehensive and exhaustive, requiring a good amount of time extracting information that is relevant and correct based on your basic knowledge of fashion and styling.

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What We're Building

Our retail offering includes a revolutionary suite of products that bring personalization to the forefront of the online shopping experience. Our platform is powering online product and outfit recommendations worldwide, from large department stores to smaller boutique brands.

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