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Streamoid Technologies

Web Front End Developer at Streamoid Technologies

Bengaluru · Full Time
Our core competency is Visual Artificial Intelligence. We are involved in exciting and cutting edge research in the space and are pushing boundaries in fashion AI. Read More
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Job Description

- Knowledge of HTTP and web architecture
- Proficient in javascript and at least one web framework (preferably react)
- Good in algorithms and data structure
- Knowledge of testing and performance analysis of web pages
- Good understanding of design and UX elements
- Should be a quick learner. Beneficial if they are full stack developers.

2-3 years of good company experience with a B.Tech from a reputed institution

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What We're Building

Our retail offering includes a revolutionary suite of products that bring personalization to the forefront of the online shopping experience. Our platform is powering online product and outfit recommendations worldwide, from large department stores to smaller boutique brands.

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