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Streamingo Solutions

Experienced Backend engineers at Streamingo Solutions

Bengaluru · Full Time
This is a very unique startup in the Indian ecosystem . Started by a very seasoned product engineering time, and we have built an awesome product in record time. Now this awesome product , is getting amazing traction across India and US. We have started to make revenues and are now looking to scale up. This is hard core AI engineering, which has proven to provide tremendous benefits in terms of cost reduction, reduction of human effort and provided tremendous business value to Fortune-500 Fortune-100 companies in India and US already. We are just getting started. Read More
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Job Description

Streamingo is a exciting AI startup in Bangalore. We work in multiple areas of the AI Technology space like NLP ( Summarization, Question Generation,IR, Q&A,) Speech recognition and Image Processing, ML and Neural Networks.

Our mission : we want to be the AI company in India, building global products .

We are trying to solve 4 main problems in the Video space.

i) What's inside a Video ?
ii) How do you search inside a video ?
iii) How to summarize a video ?
iv) How to validate user understanding of a video ?

Our first product , FizzStream has customers in multiple customer locations across the Education,Enterprise and Media market segments.

We are looking for experienced Backend developers , who will help us build highly scalable systems ( capable of processing upto two hundred thousand videos per day)).

The role requires 3-5 years of industry experience participating in developing applications using the MEAN stack . This will be an awesome cool opportunity for Web engineers to get involved in scaling and adding new functionality to a promising product. The ideal candidate, will have a good understanding of scheduling tools like Celery,Quartz, be well versed with designing database architectures in NoSQL databases and scaling the same in an AWS or scalable cloud compute environment. Ideal candidates will have exposure in deploying Docker, VM based applications in the cloud, have exposure to deploying Microservices , will be well versed with CI/CD methodologies and manage integration of code across branches too .

Developing code in Python is mandatory, exposure to Go, Erlang would be highly appreciated.

Candidates will be working in a fast paced, fun filled environment, with a lot of emphasis on learning and doing it right first time, everytime.

Freshers ( < 3 years of experience), please note, we are not looking for junior engineers at this point of time.

We expect candidates to be open to working on NLP problems that we are handling at a suitable point in time. Salary at Streamingo is competitive, the work is very rewarding and fulfilling.

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What We're Building

We would like to claim, that we are THE AI company in India.

Our work is spread across : NLP,Machine Learning,Neural Networks,Speech recognition,Image processing and HPC ( GPU Computing).

Our product answers 4 main questions using AI techniques in the Video space.

i) What's inside a video
ii)How to search for content inside the video
iii)Generate a summary of a video
iv) Automated Question generation after analysis of a Video.

Product positioning : Education, Video Surveillance, Security, Advertising, IOT and many more.

Accolades : product shortlisted for Reimagine Education ( also called Oscars of Higher education) 2016. Several Patents being filed for the work, we have done so far.

Our customers profiles span across Enterprise,Education and Media segments.

A short demo of our product is available at :

MassChallenge Israel accelerator program 2018 finalists. Streamingo is one of the 55 finalists of the 2018 batch for MassChallenge accelerator program in Israel.
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Streamingo Solutions Team

Sanjeev Kilarapu
M.Tech from IISc, Bangalore. Machine learning and Image Processing engineer, Android app developer
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