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Strata Sustainability

Jobs at Strata Sustainability

Innovative solutions for solving the open dump crisis around the world

Strata Sustainability is a small and dynamic but rapidly growing firm. Intense and challenging market but extremely rewarding work effecting dramatic and positive environmental change. Position will require travel to the Caribbean and Central/South America.Great opportunity for growth, direct project engagement and personal responsibility.

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What We're Building

Strata Sustainability is an environmental company working to transform the way solid waste is handled in the Caribbean and other emerging markets. With proprietary systems – it is bringing recycling, composting, dumpsite closure, battery supported solar power, bio-remediation and modern water management to locations where burning, open dumps are the norm. The environmental impacts we create are huge and immediate. Due to the 8+ years of boots on the ground experience Strata has earned in the islands and the impacts of the 2017 hurricanes – Strata is faced with unprecedented growth opportunities and is looking to form a team that can appropriately respond to and manage that expansion.

Jobs at Strata Sustainability

Strata Sustainability Team

Timothy Hodge
CEO and Founder @Strata Sustainability • Worked at @Clifford Chance ;JD NYU Law; BA U.C. Berkeley

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