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The best platform to design, test, govern, and document APIs.

As microservices become the prevalent way to build software, companies are using Stoplight to help them manage their API lifecycle strategy. This includes the creation, testing, and governance of APIs. Read More

What We're Building

Stoplight’s mission is to make any stakeholder working with an API more productive. The platform provides a suite of products that cover the entire pre-production API lifecycle. We work 500+ companies including EA, Spotify, Sendgrid, and many others.

Stoplight promotes a design-first approach. Developing good design-first practices will minimize future cost, speed up your time to market, and lead to more consistent, higher quality APIs.

Our visual designer makes it easy for anybody in your organization to model and document APIs, no matter the complexity.

Stoplight contract testing makes it seamless to create a full suite of tests. Run these tests from the Stoplight app, and stand alone in your CI process or elsewhere.

Stoplight makes it easy to publish your documentation to the world, with a single click.

Stoplight provides a complete mock server for every API. Run tests against this mock server, build consumers (like mobile apps & SDKs) before the final API is ready.

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Jobs at Stoplight

Stoplight Team

Marc Macleod
Founder of 1st startup in high school. @MassChallenge winner as VP Engineering @Abroad101. Strong engineering & economics background.
Scott Faust
Head of Growth @Stoplight Founder @Togga • Studied at @Georgetown University
Thomas Pytleski
Launched multiple iOS Apps, worked at Shutterfly, Freeverse, ngmoco, Gameloft and was a co-founder of Fantasmo Studios.
Robert Wallach
Millinery Enthusiast

Stoplight Investors

Leo Shklovskii
Product focused engineering leader. Creates software that users love and the builders are proud of.
Martin Ringlein
Global Head of R&D @Eventbrite. Exited @nvite to @Eventbrite, @nclud to @Twitter, @Macaw to @InVision, @CanvasCowork to @hzdg.
Sameer Gulati
Founder & CEO @Ordway Product roles at @Zynga , @Workday , @Zuora, @Intacct @Spree Commerce
Dan Mindus
Founder and Managing Partner at NextGen Venture Partners
Chris Palmisano
CRO/COO @Rocket Dollar , Angel & Venture Partner at @NextGen Venture Partners, Ex-@Google, @UNC grad, SVP@Mission_Capital, Focused on FinTech, B2B SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.
Jon Bassett
Managing Partner of NextGen Venture Partners. We are building the most entrepreneur-friendly venture fund in the world.
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