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Care Coordination

Stitch is a care coordination platform for healthcare teams. We're using cutting edge web and mobile technologies to revolutionize the software used in healthcare. Our users are healthcare teams, consisting of doctors, nurses, social workers, and pharmacists, and their patients. Our software suite includes tools for team messaging, patient messaging, and patient management.

What We're Building

Stitch is a care coordination platform for healthcare teams. Communicate, write notes, track tasks, upload files, and collaborate on any device.

Use Stitch to:

• Deliver your patients a great experience. Stitch is an app for healthcare teams to send internal messages, communicate with patients and track daily tasks — fully HIPAA compliant and free to use.

• Send messages, share files and stay in sync from any device. Stitch Connect is HIPAA compliant and free to use with an unlimited number of people.

• Communicate securely with patients. Stitch Engage is a simple system for talking to your patients. From messages and forms to files and tasks, Stitch lets you engage with patients on every level.

• Assign, track and complete every task. Stitch Manage is a simple system for tracking tasks. Instantly know what your team is doing and ensure every patient task goes from start to done.

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Jobs at Stitch Health

Stitch Health Team

Bharat Kilaru
CEO and Co-Founder @Stitch Health.

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