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Social Media Intern at Stir

San Francisco · Internship
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Job Description

About the Company:
Stir is an up and coming startup based out of San Francisco that is transforming the way that people go out. We are a small team of 10+ that all work remotely. Every member of our team works together with the common goal of creating a successful company. We are a combination of students and industry leaders with high levels of experience from successful startups to large corporations such as Pandora and Ebay. We are a work-hard-play-hard environment that is committed to building a company from the ground up to watch it succeed. If you have always wanted to join a successful company at its inception this is your opportunity. We have procured successful business partnerships with industry leaders that give us a competitive advantage in the field. Stir is product that will truly transform the way people go out.

Role Description:
We’re looking for somebody that knows how to get the most Snapchat views, Instagram likes or Twitter retweets. You should care how much attention your posts get and strive to make them the most trending on their respective platforms. You will work along with our founders to ensure that messages and images portrayed to the public resemble and vibe with what we are trying to accomplish. We want you to be the go-to person when it comes to how to grow our audience!

• Excellent at persuasive and creative writing to attract and engage an audience
• Proof of knowledge demonstrating understanding of how to gain a following
• Willing to reach out to venues over the phone, through social media, and email about partnering with Stir
• Willing to manage the following accounts: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Our Ideal Candidate:
• Outgoing and charismatic
• Has a passion for creating relationships
• Aligns with our goal of transforming the way people go out
• Has experience growing social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

• Expand your network through utilizing our team’s connections
• Monthly team happy hours
• Trips to Tahoe
• Gain experience in an early-stage startup where every task is critical and you aren’t restricted to your job title.
• Get course credit upon completing the internship (school dependent)

Due to a high volume of applicants we encourage you to follow and engage us through social media:
Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Instagram: @getstirapp
Follow us on Twitter: @getstir
Follow us on LinkedIn:
Read about us on Medium:

Also, download Stir in the app store so are familiar with our product!

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What We're Building

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Like us on Facebook:
Follow us on Instagram: @getstirapp
Follow us on Twitter: @getstir
Follow us on LinkedIn:
Read about us on Medium:

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At Stir we set out to create a product with the goal of transforming the way people go out. For users, we solve the never-ending problem of not knowing where to go. What beers are on tap around me? Is that bar crowded? For venues, we provide custom data analytics and customer outreach in order to maximize your potential.

The use cases for Stir are endless and the iterations continuous. We need people who are smart, creative, entrepreneurial and understand the pain points we are looking to solve from both a user and business perspective.

We look forward to working with you, cheers!

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Stir Team

Mike Garite
Highly passionate about perfect user engagement and interaction using a powerful medium of both programming and design presented in innovative ways.
Katherine Zhukovsky
Social media, marketing, research, administration, copy writing and editing. Duke University, 2011.