Stephen Fells

Creator of - Digital Identity Management

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What I Do

Corporate strategic direction, business development, financial management and operational oversight.


My experience includes working in diverse industries including banking, Government and law enforcement. Educated in England, I worked in a Manager Trainee position for National Westminster Bank before working as a police officer in Essex, England.

I worked for the Cayman Islands Government between 1992 and 1994 before moving to New York in late 1994. Initially working for U.S. Trust Bank on their existing database infrastructure and Internet projects, I co-founded Network Earth in 1996.

My technical and business skills have given my a distinct vision for growing scalable Web-based businesses that realize the power of Internet marketing.

I am a national speaker, MENSA member, Honorary Member of The New York International Police Association, Associate Member of The Institute for the Management of Information Systems and member of The Churchill Center. I sit on the IT Committee for the and the Business Services Committee for

What I'm Looking For

Value added investors/advisors who can make introductions and provide solid mentoring for business development, marketing and customer acquisition and retention strategies.