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Steady Demand

Social Media Manager / Specialist / Ninja at Steady Demand

United States, Remote · Contract

Steady Demand is a small team of social media ninjas. Every member of our team is on rev share. In other words, if 'Initech ships another unit, you DO see another dime'.

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Job Description

Steady Demand is a team of social media stars looking for new talent. As a Social Media Specialist, you will be asked to:

+ Communicate with clients to establish social media goals
+ Create/curate relevant quality content according to client brand identity, goals, and audience on a daily basis
+ Build and engage audiences in diverse industries
+ Analyze KPIs and adjust efforts as needed to meet goals

To Succeed Here, You Should Have:
+ Excellent, professional written communication skills. Creative writing, Journalism, Communications, or Public Relations degrees preferred.
+ Excellent, professional written communication skills (Yep, we said it twice, and no, we're not sure if that comma after excellent is correct)
+ Surgical attention to detail (grammar, spelling, “tone of voice”)
+ Ability to adapt and write interesting and meaningful content with a brand voice unique to each client's specifications
+ Ability to research and quickly learn new industries and products
+ Understanding of SEO and content marketing
+ Ability to create simple graphics
+ Ability to read, digest, and summarize content quickly
+ Excellent organizational and time management skills (daily deadlines)
+ Ability to tactfully relate current events in popular culture to client posts
+ Ability to keep client needs top of mind
+ Above average typing skills (60+ WPM)

To Cause a Celebration During Your Interview, You Should Have:
+ Command of social media platforms (Google+, Twitter, Facebook)
+ Understanding of copyright laws (citation and attribution)
+ A lengthy background in marketing, public relations, or professional social media management
+ Long form content creation experience (blog articles, newspaper reports, or anything public facing of at least 1,000 words)
+ Epic personal social media accounts (especially Google+)

Bachelor's Degree or Impressive body of demonstrable social media success can only help you here.

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What We're Building

Social Media Management for small to mid-sized (ok, and a few large) brands.

Steady Demand Team

Ben Fisher
Founded TechPad Agency, Founder HostingNews, LLC (SOLD) , Founder Steady Demand, LLC
Katherine Stubblebine
Using my BFA in Creative Writing to create and curate content for an array of brands.
Cynthia Cortina
Digital Marketing Strategist with 8 years of experience in social media strategy and implementation, SEO content development, and project management.
Anne Hall
I'm a social media specialist that strives to help businesses create a name for themselves through social media!
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