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Communication tool for unexpected downtime and scheduled maintenance Jobs : Screenshot Jobs : Screenshot Jobs : Screenshot Jobs : Screenshot
Danny Olinsky
Co-founder of Previous: Director of Sales at Argyle Social; Flatiron School full-stack developer
Scott Klein
Founder of, previous startup Sound Around built and sold during undergrad.
Steve Klein
Founder @statuspageio. Front-end dev/design.
Product is the easiest way to create a hosted, branded status page. In just a few minutes, you can have set up a public company page that shows how well your systems are performing, and lets your customers subscribe to be notified of future incidents with your system.

Why Us? has come a long way from its humble beginnings 18 months ago, picking up 1000 customers and some of the biggest names on the internet. Companies like Atlassian, Citrix, Fastly, Cloudflare, New Relic, and Vimeo rely on our platform to make their lives better and to keep their customers happy. We're profitable, and believe in running a sustainable company with teammates that help us grow and enrich our lives.

1-10 employees
$225K Seed in 2013
SaaS, Y Combinator Summer 2013, Developer APIs, IaaS, PaaS
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backend developer
$75K – $120K Salary
0.5% – 2.5% Equity
Full Time · Denver


Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis
Working at a startup leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy - also slightly hysterical. Co-Founder -
Steve Klein
Steve Klein


Venture capital online (YC S12)
Investments, YouEye, Binpress, drchrono, SendHub, Glio, Verbling, Lovely, DataRank, Safe Shepherd, HD Trade Services, Soldsie, Boosted, LE TOTE, Sverve, Zoom, Regalii, userfox, UpCounsel, AnyPerk, SlidePay, TinderBox, Virool, Meldium, FundersClub, Partnered, Coinbase, LeanData, Strikingly, Estimote, Kalibrr, Webflow, Padlet, Zesty, Goldbely, EasyPost, Instacart, TalentBin, Thalmic Labs, Teespring, Greentoe, Reebee, inDinero, Whale Path, Tamatem, AirPair, Lob, InstaGIS, 7 Cups of Tea, Asseta, BloomThat, Abacus, Screenhero, Parklet, Shopeando, Sales Beach,, Neverfrost, BTCjam, Move Loot, Vanhawks, Cleanly, SpoonRocket, One Month, Medisas, CircuitLab, Floobits, Headout, AppZen, ZoomCar India,

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