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Sales Manager (aka Resident Hustler!) at State of Place

New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Remote · Full Time
We have exciting opportunities to work with our disruptive urban planning tech startup founded by international walkability expert and Fulbright Fellow, Dr. Mariela Alfonzo. Our self-motivated, diverse team is distributed in the US and China enabling everyone to work flexibly and remotely. We were awarded a very competitive Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Science Foundation to support R&D, participated in 3 accelerator programs including the Katapult Acclerator that we are currently participating in that has facilitated our growth and allowed us to scale - and that's why we are growing our team! Read More
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Wanted: Data-geeky, passionate group of city-lovers using predictive analytics to make the case for better places seeks empathetic, I'll-try-anything-once, consummate-people-lover, hustler-at-heart, customer-focused, sales-guru.

Us: A lean-startup-devotee, data-geeky, digital-nomadic, passionate group of city-lovers with a mission to (use data to) make places better and thereby make people happier, healthier, and thrive! More here:

You: An empathetic, I'll-try-anything-once, consummate-people-lover, hustler-at-heart, customer-focused, independent, always-be-closing, sales-guru (or guru-to-be), who is looking to ride the startup rollercoaster, willing to roll with the punches in the juggernaut of a space that is B2G (and B2B) sales, ready to channel and tame our lead pipeline (750+!), and hankering to love life while working with a dynamic group of just plain-good people looking to make the world (at least slightly) better! P.S. You don't need a ton of experience - just a ton of eagerness and a deep desire to crush it! :)

The Skinny: State of Place can be traced back to 2003, when our Founder/CEO, Mariela, accidentally became a data-geek while creating a tool to objectively measure the built environment characteristics that impact the way people feel about their cities. She soon embraced this new-found title, and began her consulting company, realizing that quantifying what made for good urban design - and calculating its tangible value - was actually the key to convincing people to make cities better (and thereby improve people's lives). Fast forward 13 years later, five years after first offering State of Place as a consulting product, we were awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation's Small Business Innovation Research program that funded the MVP (first saleable version) of our software that we launched in the summer of 2017. To date we have worked with 15 paying and pilot customers, and have a healthy sales pipeline and need to close 6 in the next couple of months! We have a new partner through the Katapult Accelerator program focused on Smart Cities startups - they are also investing in the company and helping us to raise additional funds to grow our business! So you'll also get access to amazing mentors and have the opportunity to be part of a focused, bootcamp-style deep dive into our customer acquisition - and help shape it!

Here's where you come in -- the combination of our Founder's internationally renowned reputation and our uber-aggressive inbound campaigns make it relatively easy to attract leads and interest. But we are struggling with the next step - closing deals. It's true that the government space - especially when it comes to the newly emerging world of urbantech SaaS - is notoriously slow-moving. But we think there's a better way - and we need your help creating and implementing a system to prioritize, track, follow-up - and yes, close - deals more quickly and effectively in a way that is repeatable and (eventually) scalable. Although our focus is with the public sector, we also are targeting private sector customers like developers that fit our customer personas that are primarily based in North America and Europe.

What You Get: As with many startups, we are currently fundraising and keeping our costs low. We're looking for people willing to start on a base + commission structure that is commensurate with your experience.

Remote (work anywhere with internet access) but preference for those based in Boston, New York City, Washington DC, or Metro Detroit.

A Bit More about State of Place: We are Moneyballing City-making. Join us in disrupting the urban planning and real estate industries - replacing the top-down, opinion-based, expert-driven approach accessible to a few with a data-driven, evidence-based one, accessible to the many!

Now What? Please include your resume/CV with a cover letter in your Angel List application. If you have any questions, you can shoot them over to We hope you're as stoked as we are to meet you/us!

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What We're Building

State of Place is a Software as a Service decision-support and communication tool for the urban planning and real estate industry. State of Place helps placemakers (urban planners, developers, and other parties creating a "place") quell naysayers, get project approvals, and secure funding, faster and more affordably. Using our proprietary database, algorithms, and forecasting models, State of Place uniquely quantifies micro-scale “place quality” - what people love about great places - and the benefits tied to improving those places.

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State of Place Team

Mariela Alfonzo
Urban Design Researcher & Entrepreneur; Founder of State of Place; Research Professor @NYU; Fulbright Scholar in Shanghai; ULI 40 under 40; Passionate cook
Michelle Drousé Woodhouse
Social entrepreneur, urban planner/designer, advisor/board member to non-profits. Valuing community, sustainability and equality.
Allison Torban
B.S. in Math, Grad Cert in Geospatial Intelligence. Experienced software tester for government clients, including the FBI & The Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Devin Nieusma
Business Operations intern at State of Place. Past roles in urban planning and environmental policy. Public Policy BA at Duke University.