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Startup Giants is the UK's early stage accelerator, investing in and supporting great founders with highly scalable consumer startups that have global markets. Startup Giants accelerates a founder's concept and creates value by introducing the founder to "smart money", a combination of private SEIS/EIS investors for capital and a dedicated team to improve on the founder's business strategy, marketing strategy, viral growth strategy, and technology.

We’ve made it our mission to make it simple for anyone to invest in great consumer internet startups in the United Kingdom by running regular accelerator rounds and only supporting the top talent using a rigorous selection process and ongoing active mentoring. Anyone investing in our startups can rest assured that we’ve done a huge amount of due diligence already on the team, the business potential, and the ability to launch successfully.

We recognise that investors identify more risk in early stage investments despite the attractive SEIS tax benefits and the advantage of getting in early, so all of the deals coming via this syndicate have agreed to be accelerated by Startup Giants' delivery crew (mentors / growth hackers / engineers) through multiple expansion rounds to mitigate some of the risk involved.

While Startup Giants shares are publicly traded on the NEX Exchange in London and investors can buy our shares (symbol NEX:SUG) through their broker to build a portfolio, we also understand that there are investors who want to invest directly in our deals either for the SEIS tax relief or as a strategic investment. To satisfy this interest, we have put together this syndicate to enable you to co-invest with us into these high growth startups. We look forward to helping you get into the best investments early alongside us and realising a top ROI.

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For early stage investments raising £150,000 under SEIS in their first round, or up to £2m with EIS in expansion rounds. We will syndicate all our deals where we can get an allocation from the founders.

Jeb Buckler
Syndicate Lead, Founder @startupgiants, x-@Accenture, x-@SAP, x-@PWC, sourcing and investing in UK startups - join me
Steve Tuson
Mostly financial consultancy background as an investment and planning adviser and more recently have been involved with advice and cap raising for startups
Not often, but good simple advices
Konstantin Palianov
For Jeb Buckler's work with Time Map Project
A huge amount of knowledge within the Travel Industry and previous Advisor of Tui
Richard Moore
For Jeb Buckler's work with Club Koala
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