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Innovating New Video Games & eSports

We are a startup developer in pre-production working on our initial investment. As we work towards our initial funding we have equity positions available. Read More
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What We're Building

Stark Gaming is developing Memories of Havark, a PvE MOBA (Player Vs. Environment Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). The goal of Project Havark is to give PvE Gamers an avenue to compete and receive the recognition they deserve as skilled gamers.

This includes:
• A 5v5 map for gamers who prefer a Player Vs. Monster setting. (Key Note - Not a lane based game)
• Each team will NOT be able to directly attack each other.
• Using the map as your weapon, each team will defeat monsters and execute strategy to capture objectives for victory.
• Designed as an eSport from the ground up - Fun to Play & Fun to Watch.
• Third Person Perspective (MMO Style)
• Pull the MMO Genre in to eSports

For further insight in to the market opportunity and problem we are looking to solve, view our article here:

'The Nitty Gritty of eSport Design'​

I started Stark Gaming to create game designs that fulfill a need. With the growth of eSports, skilled Player-vs-Monster gamers have no way to compete. Memories of Havark will solve this problem and create new careers for the Player-vs-Monster gamers in the world.
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Stark Gaming Team

Christopher "Stark" Main
Co-Founder, CEO & Lead Game Designer
Christen "Haven" Main
- Story & Lore Lead, Executive Editor to Everything

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