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AI-powered checkout for retail

We’re building AI-powered checkout for retail. Shop as you normally would, and get checked out just by leaving the store. With modern deep learning techniques we can change the way people interact with physical space and make these interactions seamless, magical and more human by getting rid of the transaction and creating a new shopping experience for retail. Read More
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What We're Building

We equip retail stores with cameras and on-prem servers to enable checkout-less shopping. Shoppers can grab items from the shelves and walk out the store.

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Standard Cognition Team

David Valdman
Cofounder @Standard Cognition Previously: Chief Architect @Famous , Graphics lead @Mapzen , Math PhD
John Novak
Founder at Standard Cognition. PhD, Nuclear Physics from Michigan State University
Anthony Lutz
Founded Standard Cognition
Jordan Fisher
CEO and co-founder. I love bringing together research and engineering to deliver awesome products. Also Japanese curry.
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Standard Cognition Investors

Mike Ghaffary
Angel. Past: GP @Social Capital CEO @Yelp Eat24 VP @Yelp. Co-Founder @Stitcher and @BarMax. @TrialPay @Summit Partners @Harvard JD and MBA. @USC BS Comp Sci.
Garry Tan
Managing Partner, Initialized Capital. Previously Partner at Y Combinator, funded/advised 600 startups. Cofounder @Posterous (Acq by @Twitter).
Eric Kwan
Managing Partner at Locus Ventures • Active Angel Investor • Founding Engineer at @Operator • ex- @Facebook , @Yahoo , @Oracle • Alumni of Stanford, CMU
Paul Buchheit
Partner at YCombinator, Founder of @FriendFeed, Creator of GMail
Josh Buckley
Founder @Mino Games. Early Investor @Boom, @Clearbit, @Relativity Space, + more.
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