Jay Stakelon

VP Product Design @Fullscreen, designer who codes, product-y UX-ish entrepreneur-esque startup-ster who builds software and organizations.

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What I Do

Designing and building software products and web and mobile experiences for Fullscreen's family of content creators and brands. Helping scale our team and processes, our product mix, and most of all our partners' audiences. Learning something new every day.


In 2011 I joined the Fullscreen team as an early employee and have grown with the company and our amazing family of engineers, digital video pioneers, content creators and brand partners.

Before that: in 2006 I co-founded Union, a digital marketing and custom application development consultancy which was acquired by Eclipse Advertising in 2012. And in 2010 I was part of the founding team of Volly, a cross-platform group messaging app, which was funded by Idealab and acquired by Location Labs in 2011.

What I'm Looking For