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Job Description

StackSource is seeking an experienced originator to cover our entry into the greater DC area. Candidate must be an innovative, skilled professional with commercial real estate industry contacts to help us become a top-tier commercial mortgage lending platform. StackSource has an innovative approach through it’s client-facing technology platform that allows for greater efficiency and transparency in sourcing commercial real estate debt.

This position will initially be focused on establishing our brand in the market and originating primarily permanent commercial mortgage loans. With “proof of market” and pipeline growth, activity will transition into a higher-end, market leadership role, responsible for building and leading our originations team.


- Collaborate with the CEO to establish and execute the business development plan for the market.
- In accordance with the business plan, Recruit and enable a team of commercial loan originators (Capital Advisors) to maximize regional revenue by establishing relationships with commercial property owners and investment sales brokers in the market.
- Own the sales strategy for the market, continuously improving it and measuring performance with respect to results, market research, and competitive analysis.
- Represent StackSource in the local business/real estate community, engaging with all relevant industry and civic groups to promote brand awareness and platform acceptance
- Source relevant commercial real estate loan opportunities and referral partnerships.


- 10+ years of experience in commercial real estate finance, preferably in a mortgage brokerage role interacting with both clients and different lenders (local & regional banks, agencies, etc). Experience should include all asset types and classes, as well as familiarity with bridge and construction lending as well as permanent mortgage finance.
- Deep understanding of the market and its key players/constituencies
- Demonstrated Track record in deal-making
- Strong knowledge of commercial mortgage fundamentals, including how to screen and place various loan requests
- Ability to build and lead a high performing team
- Strong understanding and ability to mentor team on commercial loan dynamics, navigating lending programs, and, most importantly, sales strategies.
- Existing industry relationships (sponsors, lenders, sales brokers)
- Willingness to “do whatever needs to be done” to create a successful business unit
- Curious and adaptable team leader

*Commission-based compensation based on performance, plus equity incentives*

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What We're Building

StackSource is a tech-enabled commercial real estate loan platform. We connect investors who are developing or acquiring commercial properties with financing options like banks, insurance companies, and private lenders through an easy, transparent process. We’re taking the best of commercial mortgage brokerage and updating it for the 21st century.

For lenders, StackSource represents an intelligent source of deal flow, including real-time notifications when a new project has been posted within their customized lending profile. StackSource's targeted, digital offering memorandums save time for both our capital advisors and our lending partners.

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StackSource presents at LendIt USA 2016
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What is your office environment like?
Coworking FTW! Our headquarters in New York is at a WeWork, where we have a private office and enjoy WeWork's amenities. We like open, entrepreneurial environments, and collaborating over open desks.
Tim Milazzo
Co-founder & CEO at StackSource since 2015
What makes StackSource a unique place to work at?
If you sequenced StackSource's proverbial DNA, you'd find genes related to tech start-ups like whiteboard brainstorming, employee autonomy, executive transparency, and Slack integrations. But you'll also find that we highly value expertise and grit. You'll be a fit if you like hitting aggressive goals within an open environment.
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