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Wordpress has one of the best pick and drop web design plugins that makes it easy to use. Their database is also secure compared to others, and they give room for modification using third party plugins and apps
Ngozika Anokwuru Nwiro
Used WordPress at Ymarts
It's easy to use, user friendly and versatile.
Timothy Murenzi
Used WordPress at SkoutMe
Easy to use, very inexpensive, yet very powerful. Can be adapted to just about any situation.
It is easy to use for non developers, and allows you -in certain way-, to test products and visual with little effort.
Lots of options and plugins. Not nearly as easy as Squarespace or Weebly. We are starting to work with Visual Composer and hope that makes it more simple to manage content.
Ben Rollins
Used WordPress at Axon Optics
Still in love, so in love, still in love with Wordpress If there was ever an app made in heaven and sent down to earth it's WordPress.
Sarah Mccauley
Used WordPress at Flutter 'n Such