Windows Azure

A rock-solid cloud platform for blue-sky thinking

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Great IoT + ML stack
David Raskino
Used Windows Azure at Biscuit Labs
Scalability, Stability, Global Reach
Scott Hankinson
Used Windows Azure at Helpp
It's easy and flexible - very easy to grow on.
Michael Moore
Used Windows Azure at Impalette
Azure gives us a high degree of configurability and compatibility with 3rd party tools, and makes our dev ops a cakewalk.
Kshitish Purohit
Used Windows Azure at Dartboard
With a multi-tier architecture hosted on Azure’s cloud based platform, Tribe’s relies on Azure for nearly all of their software needs. According to Harris, “Everything about the Azure environment has been awesome. We basically use it for everything – from hosting to marketing to storage, Azure does it all. We utilize Azure Websites, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure SQL. There is simply no way we could have created our product, in this way, without all of Azure’s components.”
Oliver Stahl
Used Windows Azure at Tribe
In a word, leverage. Azure lets one person do the work of many. Also, the administrative tools are very easy to learn and use.
Walter Pinson
Used Windows Azure at Alekto