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Hands down, the easiest API to work with in technology.
Jerry R. Reynolds
Used Stripe at Toured
Great integration, cost and platform
Stripe makes it easy for developers to add payment capabilities. We chose Stripe because the fee structure was low and it allows us to process both credit card and ACH payments for our clients.
Bryan Cole
Used Stripe at Wish Queue
It's fast and easy to use and cheaper than rivals. It has a good refund policy for us and was easy to integrate into our site
Peter Georgiou
Used Stripe at SUPPER
We use Stripe as our payment gateway, their API , security and documentation have been very helpful in integration with our software.
Though Stripe is easy to integrate into various websites for non-recurring purchases of products or services, reporting features that reveal transaction fees for specific date ranges leave something to be desired.
Kevin R Williams
Used Stripe at Enquad