Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications

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Super fast write-edit-test cycle for software and hardware.
Allows for a full JavaScript Stack
Jesse Williams
Used Node.js at WorkWoo
Love the simplicity. So flexible, extensible, NPM, great library support Using DevStudio with NVTS plugin for development. Best of both worlds. I can run locally, debug, intellisense, integrated unit tests, profiling. The best environment for node development
John Tobin
Used Node.js at Limelight Mobile
Has major quirks, but also has a firm advantage for the kind of concurrency and rapid development we're seeing.
Frank Sikernitsky
Used Node.js at iasqu
Isomorphic languages make rapid development so much more effective. Not sure what I was doing before node.js came along.
Stephan Smith
Used Node.js at NeverOut
We can't afford the licensing tools necessary for .NET. We like the scalability of node.js and the fact that it is open source. We are finding, however, that there are not as many experienced node.js software developers and we expected.
Michael R. Geroe
Used Node.js at Optincall