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CloudFlare allows us to add and relocate services at will without waiting for DNS to propagate across the globe.
Joel Weirauch
Used CloudFlare at FeatureSwitches
Free SSL, bad traffic protection, user-friendly DNS dashboard, free CDN for assets, what not to like?
Bartosz Hernas
Used CloudFlare at STAMP
We use Cloudflare for CDN, Security.We like the speed in which DNS changes propagate through the internet. They offer great customer support and we are also a reseller of their services through our hosting company.
Ronnie Allen Sheppick
Used CloudFlare at Filesense
Protects from hackers, scrapers and other dodgy traffic sources while saving us bandwidth, time and money allowing us to do more with less.
James Graham
Used CloudFlare at
This is awesome tool for manage large amount of user base in VPS hosting. I am using this for my website and it easily manage thousand of users at a time.
Kapil Karda
Used CloudFlare at Afterfeed
CloudFlare provides enhanced security and speed for free. There no reason not to use it. You can also use it as a free DNS server without the optimization. I highly recommend for both security and performance.