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Great to manage tickets, code and its Git. What else do we need
Hemant Rawat
Used Bitbucket at
Allow us to share project with ease.
Benoit Malchrowicz
Used Bitbucket at Webboards
Free and convenient with all the powers of git.
Omar Hussain
Used Bitbucket at Counsell
Bitbucket gives me the most freedom to decide exactly who has access to my repositories, allowing me the ability to keep my primary projects in stealth while calling on the aid of a community of developers for parallel or side projects.
Nels Long
Used Bitbucket at Second Studio
I cant imagine my coding life without bitbucket it is so easy to manage code with bitbucket. No need to remember which files have changed, can collaborate with team members while working on same project and not verbally telling them what has been changed. It gives me power of github that also for free
Khan Shahrukh
Used Bitbucket at
Love the unlimited free repos, and I'm happy to pay for collaboration with team members. Good integration with other tools.
Mark Anderson
Used Bitbucket at Curabase