Amazon EC2

Scalable, pay-as-you-go compute capacity in the cloud.

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It's scalable and affordable.
scale, ubiquitous toolset, standards.
It is pretty easy to use and lot of help available online for any issue
Ajay Pal Singh
Used Amazon EC2 at Carebuddy
Amazon supports EvoNexus startups by providing credits and spending time with us to let us know about additional products. Thank you!
Allows for rapid provisioning and deployment with easy scaling up or down. Lessens IT and operations hassles.
Galen Danziger
Used Amazon EC2 at tagMonkey
Power, flexibility and special pricing for start-ups. Not always intuitive, but there are many sys admins who are familiar with it and this helps us in development, in regards to helping find both high quality and competitively priced experts.
Michael R. Geroe
Used Amazon EC2 at Optincall