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The Fastest Search Engine in the World

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What We're Building

One search engine—one search experience—for every device, every screen. SRCH2 offers unmatched speed and performance on any platform, letting you:

• standardize on one search engine
• lower customization and support overhead
• shorten time-to-market of search feature rollouts and upgrades
• lower total memory and bandwidth costs
• raise speed and performance for every user

SRCH2 enables advanced search in a thin total memory footprint. Built from the ground up in C++, SRCH2 delivers geo-aware, error-correcting, highly customizable, faceted search-as-you-type, in any global language including tokenized Chinese. We enable high-performance search for mobile, local, cloud and enterprise.

Founded by Stanford PhDs and Google alums, based on over a decade of advanced research, SRCH2 utilizes algorithms to do in search what was previously enabled only with massive query logs, massive server capacity, and search expertise. The giants run great search. Now you can do the same.

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SRCH2 Team

Prateek Verma
Search, Information Retrieval, NLP, Machine Learning

SRCH2 Investors

Ramana Rao
CTO Livefyre, Founder iCurrent (Washington Post), Founder Inxight (SAP) . Xerox PARC. BS/MS from MIT.
Matt Ocko
Investor for 20 years in teams (@Zynga, XenSource/CTRX @Facebook, Datamirror/IBM, Fortinet/FTNT, Tango, @Metaweb, D-Wave) solving hard problems for large markets.
Nan Li
Nan Li ,
VC @ Obvious Ventures | Adjunct @ Stanford; Eric Schmidt's Innovation Endeavors, Startup Product & Operations, Bain Capital Ventures, Michigan CS/Math
David Waxman
Recovering entrepreneur. Founder of @PeoplePC, @SpotRunner, @Firefly Networks. Founding partner @TenOneTen Ventures.
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