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Sam Zaid
@getaround CEO; Occasional angel investor.
Ed Roman
Managing Director, Hack VC. Entrepreneur, developer, angel. Built several startups with strong exits. I pay-it-forward by helping as much as possible.
Brendan Marshall
Kevin Moore
Leeroy Jenkins of angels. Former tech i-banker, corp dev, CFO. @university-of-southern-california
David Mandel
Full time investor following a 28 year career as founder/operator, with 4 exits. See full bio:
Elliot Kroo
Founder and CTO at @getaround; Ex-Googler and Etherpad Developer.
Alex Popa
Can help with
“Anything related to finance”
Sajid Rahman
CEO,Telenor Health.Investor @clutter @limebike @branch @wefox @rent-the-runway @fabfitfun @kraken @cabify
Can help with
“I have strong exposure/network in emerging markets in Asia and Africa. I will be able to help the company grow internationally in those markets.”
Sam is one of the smartest guys in any room. Well groomed, well spoken, and very hard working. When I couple that with his extremely high level of integrity and his track record, he always ends up near the top of any list of recommendations.
Gordon Freedman
Advisor of a company Sam Zaid invested in
rising star CEO; running a startup w/ a mix of technologies: software, hardware, insurance; open-minded
Ken Keller
Investor in a company Sam Zaid founded
Sam has a wide range of skills and experiences as well as an unbelievable network of contacts. Any start-up would be very lucky to have Sam as an investor, advisor, or friend. He goes above and beyond what would be a typical advisor role in order to help out the teams he cares about.
Jamie Wang
Founder of a company Sam Zaid advised
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