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An original restaurant concept featuring a never-before-seen robotic kitchen.

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What We're Building

We're creating an original restaurant concept featuring a never before seen robotic kitchen. In collaboration with Chef Daniel Boulud, we're excited to introduce you to Spyce.

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Spyce Team

Michael Farid
Co-Founder, @Spyce. BA & MS Mech-E @Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kale Rogers
Co-Founder, COO @Spyce
Luke Schlueter
Mechanical Engineer at Spyce Food Co.
Braden Knight
Worked at Spyce Food Co., MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Experience with Electronics, Engineering, Fabrication. Went to Mit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Spyce Investors

Hooman Radfar
Partner @Expa. Founder @AddThis (acquired by Oracle)
Peter Wurman
Co-founder of Kiva Systems. Former professor of computer science at NC State. PhD in AI from the University of Michigan. Undergraduate at MIT.

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