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Back-End Software Engineer at Spruce

New York City · Full Time
The friction in real estate transactions is a surcharge on the American dream. Every cost barrier, bad experience, and risk standing between you and home ownership or access to financing, holds our communities back from economic security and prosperity, disproportionately hurting less affluent communities and those less able to navigate an overly complicated system. Read More
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Job Description

### You will
- Help us build the very first data-driven, automated title insurance company

- Create efficiency. Our software is replacing reams of paper and dozens of manual processes. We maintain it through clean code, pragmatic programming, and lean engineering

- Help develop Spruce's company and engineering cultures

- Improve the quality of many Americans’ lives by modernizing an ossified part of that rite of passage to the American Dream - buying a house

## If you fit the role, you:
- Write concise, cogent English

- Have a habit of learning and experimenting with new technologies
Code in more than one of Ruby, Java, Scala, C#, Python, TypeScript or Go, and have considered opinions about languages (our own back end is in Kotlin, which we don’t expect you to know, but will be duly impressed if you learn enough of it before your first interview to compare and contrast it with a language you do know)

- understand the conceptual issues of running data operations in the cloud at least at the level of Kyle Kingsbury’s work at -- distributed state, isolation levels, sharding, replication, the CAP theorem. Hands-on experience with big data tools helps. Comparative knowledge of the big data ecosystem helps even more. Wanna truly impress? Come ready to discuss the differences between Spanner and CockroachDb

- have had at least 5 years in challenging jobs to acquire the above, ideally although not strictly necessarily including delivery and operations of a cloud-based back-end soup-to-nuts -- code, CI/CD, container orchestration, monitoring

NOTE: the bullet points are purposely light on specific technologies. We look for conceptual abilities much more than for specific technology experience. A qualified engineer should have no problems quickly picking up a new language or technology when that’s called for.

### Working at Spruce
We strive to create a happy and healthy working environment, as we believe that allows us to do our best work. As a team, we value intellectual honesty, confidence, and curiosity, and value the scale of the problem we are working on. If you’re struggling to choose between working with us or at the next photo sharing startup: you should choose photo sharing.

### Benefits
- Extremely competitive salary and equity (the best people deserve the best compensation)

- Health, dental, vision and commuter benefits

- Unlimited vacation, flexible hours, and an open and casual office environment.

- Best available laptop and accessories

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