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Title & Escrow Operations Associate at Spruce

New York City · Full Time
The friction in real estate transactions is a surcharge on the American dream. Every cost barrier, bad experience, and risk standing between you and home ownership or access to financing, holds our communities back from economic security and prosperity, disproportionately hurting less affluent communities and those less able to navigate an overly complicated system. Read More
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Job Description

You’re a driven, detail-oriented person with analytical and emotional intelligence in equal amounts. You’re able to move quickly, coordinate with teammates, catch mistakes that are hiding deep in paragraph 4 and still have spare brainpower to think of 3 ways you can improve the process you’re following. You love interacting with clients and can have empathy for each one, and you can communicate clearly in speech and in writing.

You’re willing and able to learn quickly, whether it be cool, new technology we’re working with ourselves, or arcane legacy systems we need to interface with, and you have a “no task is too big or too small” attitude.

Most of all, you’re excited to join a team that’s trying to change the title insurance industry for the benefit of consumers, and you have the passion and drive to help make that happen

On the operations team, you’ll:

- Interface with lender and borrower clients to manage and process orders from beginning to end

- Review and analyze title search results to clear issues and produce title commitments and policies

- Order and read surveys and follow up with additional searches as needed

- Work on special projects to help us develop new software

- Help improve title production workflow by thinking outside the box and providing input and feedback to the product team developing new production software

- Keep up-to-date with underwriting bulletins, risk assessment and procedural changes

About you:

- Minimum of 3 years work experience or equivalent skills in insurance, finance, or business

- A love of technology and a healthy distaste for the status quo

- Great written & oral communication skills

- Desire to work in a collaborative team environment

- Ability to prioritize the importance of a number of different tasks without micromanagement

- No task is too big or too small attitude

- Live in NYC or willing to relocate or commute

About Spruce

We are a new title and closing company in New York City, founded to be different. We use technology to radically improve the way things are done with the goal of making every single real estate transaction fast, frictionless and secure. We’re backed by ambitious investors who have backed companies like Airbnb, LinkedIn, Skype, Betterment, and Lyft.

We strive to create a happy and healthy working environment, as we believe that allows us to do our best work. That includes:

- extremely competitive compensation
- full benefits
- unlimited vacation, flexible hours (work from home when you need to!), and --
- an open and casual office environment.
- stock option grants

We believe the work you do at Spruce will be the best and most enjoyable work of your life.

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