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What We're Building

Sprintly is Salesforce for software developers. Sprintly brings transparency and efficacy to the business by bringing business stakeholders directly into the software development process and giving them actionable information in an elegant, straightforward interface.

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Joe Stump
Co-founder of, @SimpleGeo, and Former Lead Architect at @Digg.
Sam Breed
CTO of @quickleft / @sprintly. I write a lot of JavaScript and skateboard frequently
Justin Abrahms
Code shipper who understands the value of business.
Justin Jackson
Product Marketing Manager at - @Quick Left. Host of @Product People Media. Founder of @Product People Club.

Our Investors

Matt Kendrall
Florida-based entrepreneur and angel investor involved in dozens of tech, design, consumer product, and local ventures.
Alex Payne
Co-founder and CTO of @Simple. Platform Lead and early employee at @Twitter. Invests and advises.
Eamon Leonard
Dubliner. Founder of @CohortHQ. Fan of whiskey, conversation and good people.
Michael Levit
Cofounder Spigot, Managing Partner @founders-den, EVP Vendio (sold to Alibaba), CMO Hearme & @Paltalk, Cofounder Bluelight, AOL Broadband, @Accenture Internet
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