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connecting people and places

Spot is making connecting people and places personal. Explore the best places in the world recommended by your friends and experts and create collaborative to-do lists for the road ahead.

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What We're Building

Spot makes it easy and fun to explore the world's best places and create to-do lists with your friends.

Whether you're looking for a great cup of coffee around the corner or an adventure across the world, Spot gets you there.

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Jobs at Team

Jana Stýblová
UX / UI Designer + Art Director. Building products and brands from scratch; especially for start-ups and new companies entering the tech space.
Steve Weiner
ceo | used to drive submarines @US Navy
Sorin Neacsu
Software builder, startup founder, tech mentor, team player, hacker. I love challenges, especially the impossible with short deadlines.
Drew Machat
Full stack generalist specializing in front-end Javascript development with React/Redux; launched products for large media companies and early stage startups.

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