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Most Convenient Meal Ever

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SpoonRocket has raised over $13M in funding and is growing like crazy! We're building the next fast food brand with a new model that provides users with food that is better, faster, and cheaper than anything else out there. Our love for food paired with our expertise in delivery logistics puts us in a unique position to transfer an industry that has been largely unchanged for decades. While everyone else out there is trying to build another delivery service, we are set out to build the next big fast food brand by being vertically integrated and in full control of our quality and cost.

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Anson Tsui
Founder @ SpoonRocket
Steven Hsiao
Founder @spoonrocket-inc, the Most Convenient Meal Ever
Brian Nguyen
Founder of Pegware. Manufacturing ops background, supply chain brained. Manufacturing Engineering MS (UW 2007), MBA (Fordham 2012).
Justin Lee
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Adarius Bell
Director of Operations, @SpoonRocket
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Our Investors

Jack Altman
Cofounder of Lattice, ex-VP of BD at Teespring, seed stage investor.
Noosheen Hashemi
Extensive enterprise and consumer internet experience. Invest in early stage companies, social enterprises and nonprofits. Love scaling stuff.
Patri Friedman
Managing Partner at Zarco Investment Group; Chairman @The Seasteading Institute; Engineer @Google , Father.
Roger Dickey
Founded Mafia Wars - $1B in revenue. Founder of Gigster - We make apps!
Hooman Radfar
Partner @Expa. Founder @AddThis (acquired by Oracle)
Tom Fallows
Cranking @Uber • Founder @Google Express • Founder @Mercantila (acq @Google) • Very active advisor to my portfolio companies.
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