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A/B Testing & Analytics for Mobile Apps

Data is power, and it shouldn’t require a PhD in statistics to leverage the power of data. Splitforce is a robust, easy-to-use A/B testing platform for mobile applications. Read More
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What We're Building

Splitforce is the leading provider of A/B testing and analytics for mobile apps.

Stage I (complete): A/B testing for iOS, Android and Unity apps.
Stage II (complete): Bandit algorithms (auto-optimization) for apps.
Stage III (complete): Targeting based on user profiles.
Stage IV (Q4 2014): Support for HTML5 / Hybrid apps.
Stage V+ (2015): Auto-segmentation, churn prediction, push and in-app notifications.

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Splitforce Team

David Ruiz
Engineering manager at Localytics, Boston
Steve Price
Founder ikuramedia - the App Specialists and Angel Developers

Splitforce Investors

Cyril Ebersweiler
Visionary Punk, Founder of @HAX ; General Partner @SOSV. Some understanding of the hardware startup space (250+ investments). Sometimes cowork w/ coconuts.
Sean O'Sullivan
founder of @MapInfo, @SOSVvc, @Carma; co-inventor of street mapping on PCs. co-coined term "cloud computing" in 1996. seed & venture capital investor.
Simon Newstead
Angel Investor in plant based / mission driven ethical startups and CEO and Co-Founder at Frenzoo
Jamie C. Lin
Founding Partner, AppWorks — Asia's largest startup accelerator and one of the most active early-stage VCs
Steven Ho何英圻
Founded two companys( sold to eBay, and to Yahoo! later). To be the NineYi Capital Founding partner, focus on mobile internet and mobile commerce investment now.