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A/B Testing & Analytics for Mobile Apps

Data is power, and it shouldn’t require a PhD in statistics to leverage the power of data. Splitforce is a robust, easy-to-use A/B testing platform for mobile applications. Read More
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What We're Building

Splitforce is the leading provider of A/B testing and analytics for mobile apps.

Stage I (complete): A/B testing for iOS, Android and Unity apps.
Stage II (complete): Bandit algorithms (auto-optimization) for apps.
Stage III (complete): Targeting based on user profiles.
Stage IV (Q4 2014): Support for HTML5 / Hybrid apps.
Stage V+ (2015): Auto-segmentation, churn prediction, push and in-app notifications.

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David Ruiz
Co-founder at Splitforce. I do tech.
Zac Aghion
Co-founded, grew, and sold Splitforce mobile A/B testing platform. Hunting for my next venture.
Steve Price
Founder ikuramedia - the App Specialists and Angel Developers

Our Investors

Cyril Ebersweiler
Visionary Punk, Founder of @HAX ; Partner @SOSV. Some understanding of the hardware startup space (200+ investments). Sometimes cowork w/ coconuts.
Sean O'Sullivan
founder of @MapInfo, @SOSVvc, @Carma; co-inventor of street mapping on PCs. co-coined term "cloud computing" in 1996. seed & venture capital investor.
Simon Newstead
CEO and Game Designer at Frenzoo, Angel Investor
Jamie C. Lin
Founding Partner, AppWorks
Steven Ho何英圻
Founded two companys( sold to eBay, and to Yahoo! later). To be the NineYi Capital Founding partner, focus on mobile internet and mobile commerce investment now.

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