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We are building a passionate group of creative, tech, and business minds in Los Angeles, California. Our mission to to connect people with the music they love. We believe that sharing music is more than just exchanging files or swapping CDs. In 2015 more people shared burned CDs than Spotify playlists, yet curated music from the likes of Pandora, Spotify's Discover Weekly, and others are connecting us to more new music than ever before. So why is it I have no idea what anyone else is listening to? Spinlist is building a platform to share musical tastes and connects across service, and allows your friend with awesome mixtapes to build her audience.

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What We're Building

Spinlist is a simply way to listen to other people's music.

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Spinlist Team

Jeremy Boles
Founder & principle of the small software shop, Central Standard. Been developing software for 12+ years. Ruby on Rails since 0.9 beta.