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Verified Social Trading

It is an exciting time to join Spiking. We are shaping the future of global capital markets. Read More
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What We're Building

We are thrilled to launch the first financial-technology trading app dedicated to helping the average trader follow the big investors as they buy and sell shares on the SGX.

Our verified, real-time updates give you the details on who and what is behind a spike in the market, so you can jump in on what’s hot and make money.

Spiking, the app uses crowdsourcing technology to pull the information you need in order to make the best possible investing decisions.

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Spiking Team

Clemen Chiang
BEng, MBA, PhD, CMktr FCIM, CMgr FCMI ► FinTech in Stock Market → Find and invest the best stocks in one app
Nic Yee
Co-Founder @Spiking

Spiking Investors

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